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Barbers on Bryant is in the beautiful Uptown Wellness Center, centrally located in the heart of the Lyndale/Uptown area. The Center is comprised of many businesses offering such services as acupuncture therapy, yoga classes, spa, social dance studio, chiropractic and massage therapy. Our "new-fashioned" barbershop is brightly lit, beautifully appointed and with central air-conditioning. Also, there are 17 FREE on-site parking spaces along with free on-street (Bryant Ave) parking.

And yes, our haircuts and shaves are just $19. Walk-ins welcome; appointments encouraged. Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.

Complementary coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa and bottled water available.

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Brian Preston has been in the customer service industry in various forms for most of his adult working life. He spent 16 years at Northwest Airlines as a flight attendant, a couple of years at Metro Transit as a transit information representative. He has been a master barber since 2003. All of these experiences have taught him many things about customer care, both good and bad. "I believe", as Brian explained "that good customer service begins in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. I hope that we have achieved that goal, and that you will feel the same way."


Audie Howe, after many years in the business world, made the life-changing decision that he wanted to spend his time doing something that he loved, but without the stress of corporate America. After much soul searching he chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and enroll in barber school. Little did he know then that after 35 years of working that he would find his dream job. As Audie said "I use the word “job” with much hesitation, because for the first time in my working career I do something that doesn’t feel like a job to me. Since beginning my barbering career in 2002 I've been blessed to go to work each day looking forward to spending time with my friends (clients), sharing our lives with each other while I beautify them."

CALL AUDIE AT 612.203.1880 


Gabe has received his barber training at the Minnesota School of Barbering and has been cutting hair in the Uptown area for 5 years. Coming from Mexico, Gabe is very energtic to give each person their unique hair cut. He hopes to spend many years cutting hair at a shop he is proud to be part owner of.


CLOSED Sunday and Monday.

WALK-INS welcomed Tuesday through Friday.

SATURDAY by appointment only.


Brian:    9 - 6

Audie:    Off

Gabe:    10 - 7


Brian:    9 - 5:30

Audie:    Off

Gabe:    10 - 7


Brian:    10 - 7

Audie:    Hours Flexible

Gabe:     10 - 7


Brian:    9 - 6

Audie:    Hours Flexible

Gabe:     10 - 7


Brian:    9 - 3

Audie:    Hours Flexible

Gabe:     9 - 5

*By appointment only


Haircut ............... $19.00

Shave ................ $19.00

Beard Trim ........ $ 6.00


Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

Please make checks payable to your barber.


Brian Preston        612.309.8743 for appointment        

Audie Howe             612.203.1880 for appointment                     

Gabe Arrazola       952.486.9232 for appointment

2920 Bryant Ave S, Suite 105, Minneapolis, MN 55408-2332

Audie: 612-203-1880
Brian: 612-309-8743
Gabriel: 952-486-9232